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Cedar Retreat House

A house with natural Onsen in front of cedar forest




The Cedar Retreat House is located on the Omuro plateau of the Izu peninsula, 1.5 hours away from Tokyo by train. The Omuro plateau is full with natural pure water and forests as a result of the volcanic eruption of Mt. Omuro. 

Immerse yourself into volcanic energy and relax into the ambient of Japanese native cedar forest. This is a place you can fully recharge your mind and body. 

Enjoy what Japan can offer with your beloved ones and fluffy family members!

We offer a special photoshoot session by a professional photographer. 



Enjoy the taste of sea and mountain  

Grill seasonal local fish, wild game meat, and locally grown vegetables on a special charcoal BBQ grill. Exceptional taste is guaranteed. 


Lazy time with your fluffy friends

CR House offers not only a large deck for your pets to run around, but also dog amenities including a pet bed, and pet sheets, so you can travel light.


Wake up in the forest

Bird singing will be your morning alarm. Evergreen cedar forest is your view out of the fusuma windows from bed. 


Work from the forest

With high-speed internet, working from CR House is easily done. Start a day from walking in the nature before your online meetings start.


The path to Cedar Retreat House.

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